Sita’s trial by fire

Sita, released from captivity at last, is brought before Rama. He doubts her faithfulness and rejects her. She insists that she undergo a trial by fire to prove herself. She enters the fire but is unharmed. The god of fire extinguishes the flames and affirms Sita’s truthfulness and purity.

The abduction of Sita

This episode depicts Rama hunting the illusory golden deer sent to lure him away from Sita. When Rama shoots it the deer changes back into its demonic form and dies, but only after pretending, with his voice, to be Rama and calling for help. Sita asks Lakshmana to go see about Rama; he is hesitant, but agrees. Before he leaves Sita he uses an arrow to draw a magic protective circle around her. After Lakshmana leaves, Ravana comes on the scene and takes the form of a holy man to trick Sita into letting down her guard. Ravana is able to grab Sita and carry her off. The heroic bird Jatayus tries to rescue Sita from Ravana’s clutches. Ravana attack him with a huge sword and deals a mortal blow. Meanwhile Rama and Lakshmana return to their hut and find that Sita has vanished. From Ravana’s flying chariot Sita throws down a bundle of jewelry as a clue for those who will search for her.