Hanuman leaps to the Himalayas

In this Thai classical dance-drama, at 2:21:48 we see Rama caring for his injured brother Lakshmana. Hanuman is dispatched to fetch the magic healing herbs, leaping off at 2:23:43. At 2:25:18, he flies and cartwheels through the air, then has an encounter with the sun god. He lands (2:32:03) and begins to catch glimpses of the magic herbs, which seem to be hiding and tantalizing him. Eventually, he grows to a huge size and grasps the entire mountaintop. He returns with the herbs, which are then crushed into a potion and applied to Lakshmana’s wound. Hanuman is able to pull out the spear that had caused Lakshmana’s injury, and Lakshmana recovers.